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Bulgaria has more than 30 places/towns/villages on the Black Sea coast which have resorts facilities and offer various accommodation, bars, restaurants and attractions for the holiday makers. Some of the resorts are quite big and well developed, having international popularity such as Sunny Beach, Albena, Golden Sands, others are small coastal towns which have slowly turned into resorts. Also, there are more than 10 campings and holiday villages with limited infrastructure and basic accommodation facilities. Please browse the left table of this page for main resorts and the photos below to view other resorts. can assists you in organising your beach holiday in Bulgaria this season in most of the resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

These smaller places are much different and calmer. They have their own charm and would be a good experience for all friends of the beaches. These smaller resorts are all different, more or less developed, you can learn more below... 

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The town of Ahtopol has population of about 1,500 people and is situated over a sharply jutted cape 87km southeast of Bourgas. It has two long and beautiful beaches.
In the afternoon and evenings, romantic visitors enjoy walking to the town's lighthouse and crawling over the nearby rocks next to the quay, beneath which one can see a lot of crabs and fish. Five kilometres south of Ahtopol is the mouth of Veleka River, one of the most beautiful rivers, which flow into the Black Sea, together with Kamchiya and Ropotamo...more
A town and seaside resort, situated terrace-like on a small bay on the Black Sea, 31 km North of Varna, 37 km south-east of Dobrich and 500 km East from the capital Sofia. Third in significance Bulgarian port after Varna and Bourgas, used for medium-size passenger and trade vessels. Population of 13 500.
It springs to life towards the end of the 6th C. B.C. as the ancient Greek colony Crunoi (later Dionysopolis) in place of a Chalcolithic (4th-3rd millennium B.C.) and a Thracian (1st millennium B.C.) settlement ...more
The town of Byala has 2 330 citizens and is situated at 59 km south of Varna and 79 km north of Burgas. The town was founded in 3rd century BC. Byala is a prosperous Bulgarian village due to the thriving local wine industry. The wine of the extremely fine vintage “Dimyat” is produced there. It also boasts an impressive setting atop bluffs that end abruptly at the water’s edge. Stairs lead down to a secluded beach that curves north toward rocky Cape Atanas...more
The Duni Resort is situated some 12 km north of Primorsko, and 6 km south of Sozopol in a cozy, shallow-water bay. The high-class resort is particularly targeted to foreign tourists.
The Alepou Beach and Arkoutino Beach just next to the resort in southern direction are wild and beautiful places where the sea is traditionally rough. Inland from the Alepou Beach is the Alepou Marsh (literally meaning the Fox's Marsh), which is separated from the sea by a 320-meter wide sand stripe. The marsh used to a lagoon lake once and is declared a natural reserve...more
Elenite is a holiday village sheltered in a quiet bay, with a large beach and green meadows, for modern eco-style holidays, with plenty of sports and entertainment. 10 kms North from Sunny Beach resort and about 40 kms from Bourgas Airport.
Two and three storey villas offering 500 rooms with excellent conditions for family holidays, a multitude of restaurants, bars, cafes, games hall, disco, shopping center with post office and polyclinic, outdoor sea water swimming pool, kindergarten
Losenets beach resort is situated right between Kiten and Tsarevo. It is 60 kilometers south of Bourgas. This small paradise site is recently attracting many tourists who want to escape the big and nosy commercial resorts. The village has a long and picturesque beach with two nearby situated campsites.
One of the village's local attractions is a rather high chimney with a couple of storks arriving here each and every spring to breed their offspring. Outside the village, one can take a boat trip down the Ropotamo river...more
Near Golden Sands (Chaika Resort)  
Chayka tourist resort - sixteen kilometers north from Varna and four kilometers south of the world-wide known tourist resort Golden Sands. Juornalist area - near Golden Sands hotels..more
Obzor Beach Resort is unique for many reasons but the main one is its proximity to the lovely sand coast, revealing an incredible view to one of the most beautiful regions on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The adjoining 800 m-long beach is one of the safest and most peaceful in Bulgaria, with calm and crystal-clear sea water...more
Primorsko is a climate resort and a center of the youth tourism. It is situated 52 km south of Bourgas. Primorsko has huge beach stripe with over 80 holiday homes and summer camps. The site is covered with broad-leaved trees and bushes and is actually a park with a lot of alleys among an old beech forest. The resort is famous for its 10 kilometers of sandy beach, the longest on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is known for a place preferred by young Bulgarians who come here and stay in big number of rest homes, hostels, student dorms and campgrounds....more
Ravda is a small village situated 5 km south from Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Its known as a place for beach holidays of young people and students or such on a budget. This is the place where the Bulgarian students usually go in the summer. Last few years many private hotels were built and people from the village offer private apartments or rooms on a very low price. There's plenty to do here in the evenings and nights too....more
The village of Sinemoretz lies 6 km south of Ahtopol. It features two beautiful beaches - one to the north, representing a pretty wide strip of sand bordering the mouth of the Veleka river from one shore to the other and another one to the south stretching between jutty rocks. The former is less populated due to its hard access via a dirt road, and is preferred by young liberal people, nudists and those in search of solitude. The south one in turn is rather crowded during the peak season for it is easy accessible by car and tourist-friendliness for two large pubs where from one can buy fast food and refreshments...more
Saint Constantine and Elena resort  
St. Constantine and Elena is the oldest resort along the Bulgarian black sea coast. It was founded in 1908 as a balneology center. It was first visited by Czech, Poles and Germans. Its popularity is due to the unique combination of mountain crystal clear air, mineral springs and the sea. The resort offers numerous mineral springs, balneology complexes, open- air pool with hot mineral water famous for its healing quality...more
Sunny Day  
Sunny Day is a posh place for holiday and relaxation located at the far end of a secluded scenic bay with fine sand beaches just 10 kilometres away from the Bulgarian town of Varna. The accommodating capacity of the four hotels is 1020 beds including The Five-Star Palace Hotel. The two modern balneological centres and six well equipped convention halls make it an excellent place for treatment, relaxation and business meetings. Summer average air temperature is 26°C. Summer average water temperature is 24°C...more
The town of Tzarevo has above 6,000 inhabitants, and lies 72km south of Bourgas. Similarly to other nearby towns and villages, Tzarevo is situated at the very border between the Strandzha Mountain and the sea. It lies over two small peninsulas, bordering a beautiful inlet. The peak of Papiya, which is 502m high and shows traces of an old fortress, stands out to the south of the town and is an additional attraction of Tzarevo. The town is an administrative centre and has a lot of specialised stores (e.g. for vehicle spare parts) and a hospital...more


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