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It is important that the currency is exchanged either in banks or in currency exchange offices announcing the exchange rates. Do not change currency in the streets, because you take the risk of being deceived. According to the Bulgarian tax legislation no taxes or fees are imposed to transactions with foreign currency.

Currency exchange offices announce their exchange rates on special boards. Please read the details on the board before you exchange your money! Make sure that the amount you receive corresponds to the exchange rate announced on the board. If you agree to the terms and conditions of the exchange, please sign the receipt issued by the cashier. The currency exchange transaction is considered finalized only after you put your signature.

On the board you may also find the telephones of a representative of the owner of the currency exchange office and of the local tax office. Please note that tax authorities cannot break the currency exchange deal that you have made.

Do not purchase golden jewellery from traders in the street. Golden jewellery must be sold in shops having an explicit license for trade with precious metals like gold and silver. Golden jewellery must have the hallmark distinguishing it from any possible imitation jewellery.

Please consider that all traders are supposed to issue cash receipts. That is why the Tax Administration checks whether cash receipts are issued for the goods sold and services provide in shops, restaurants, cafes and on the beach.


Other useful advises:


If you need to take a taxi in Bulgaria, please note that the Bulgarian taxi drivers will charge you (as a foreigner) few time more than they normally charge the Bulgarians. The reason for that is because you are a foreigner and they believe you do not know what the taxi fares in Bulgaria are. Our advice is not to hire a taxi from the street if possible, or if you have some Bulgarian friend ask him to talk to the driver himself.



You can use your mobile phone in Bulgaria only if it is a GSM 900 MHz standard. Currently there are 3 GSM operators. The more popular, with bigger coverage is called Mobiltel. Most of the beach areas are signal covered, so you can use your phone. Unfortunately 1800 MHz standard is not available yet. British users of Vodafone or BTCellnet can use their mobile phones in Bulgaria. Before coming to Bulgaria, please call your mobile operator and ask them about the price they will charge you for using your phone in Bulgaria, as the charge is few times higher than making calls in your country.



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